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Necromancer Cat ! by kamarodu21 Necromancer Cat ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 1 0 Chameleotops ~~Chamaeleonidae revenge 2~ ! by kamarodu21 Chameleotops ~~Chamaeleonidae revenge 2~ ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 27 7 Giganoduck ~Duck revenge~ by kamarodu21 Giganoduck ~Duck revenge~ :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 35 26 Turtle Sanai ! by kamarodu21 Turtle Sanai ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 9 9 Bipedal meerkat croc ! by kamarodu21 Bipedal meerkat croc ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 10 15 Gigameleon ! ~Chamaeleonidae revenge~ by kamarodu21 Gigameleon ! ~Chamaeleonidae revenge~ :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 27 4 The Xenarthra revenge ~Megacingulata~ ! by kamarodu21 The Xenarthra revenge ~Megacingulata~ ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 52 12 Pachycephalogypsus ! by kamarodu21 Pachycephalogypsus ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 33 20 Casuaridae sexual dimophism ! by kamarodu21 Casuaridae sexual dimophism ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 28 5 Hyaena from Europe ! Crocuta Arctis. by kamarodu21 Hyaena from Europe ! Crocuta Arctis. :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 42 19 Bipedal Elephant ! by kamarodu21 Bipedal Elephant ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 34 23 The Batoidea revenge, the new Megafauna ! by kamarodu21 The Batoidea revenge, the new Megafauna ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 31 20 Giant Penguin from Antarctica ! by kamarodu21 Giant Penguin from Antarctica ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 46 10 The gazelle revenge ~ Gazella Giga ! by kamarodu21 The gazelle revenge ~ Gazella Giga ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 12 3 The deep diving walrus. by kamarodu21 The deep diving walrus. :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 8 6 Parahippodeinus, the brachiosaur-like hippodeinus! by kamarodu21 Parahippodeinus, the brachiosaur-like hippodeinus! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 28 10


The first neogoutis ! by Brobar The first neogoutis ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 24 0 The new behavior of Glaciodonts ! by Brobar The new behavior of Glaciodonts ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 25 8 Australoscrofatherium, the king of the mountain ! by Brobar Australoscrofatherium, the king of the mountain ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 19 3 Corythosaurus by Swordlord3d Corythosaurus :iconswordlord3d:Swordlord3d 595 50 The filthy Goanasuchus ! by Brobar The filthy Goanasuchus ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 35 5 Brachiogazella tigris ! by Brobar Brachiogazella tigris ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 16 4 Minusculeo, mediterannean tiger ! by Brobar Minusculeo, mediterannean tiger ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 23 3 Anomalotapirus  ! by Brobar Anomalotapirus ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 37 2 The first Scrofatherium !!! by Brobar The first Scrofatherium !!! :iconbrobar:Brobar 28 3 zygopelta escaping the hyena ursa ! RXS#6 by Brobar zygopelta escaping the hyena ursa ! RXS#6 :iconbrobar:Brobar 24 8 Fisher monkey ! by Brobar Fisher monkey ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 27 3 African giants ! RXS #7 by Brobar African giants ! RXS #7 :iconbrobar:Brobar 30 6 Coral toothless snake by Brobar Coral toothless snake :iconbrobar:Brobar 39 0 The merciless Pumeira RXS#8 by Brobar The merciless Pumeira RXS#8 :iconbrobar:Brobar 18 5 Silverback megalantilopus ! by Brobar Silverback megalantilopus ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 32 2 Madagascar forest, RXS #5 by Brobar Madagascar forest, RXS #5 :iconbrobar:Brobar 45 9



Necromancer Cat !
Lordar is one of the most dangerous necromancer, his power is almost limitless, he can rise an entire army from the ground, and doesn't know death.
His scarf allows him to hide the sutures he has around the neck, because one day, he retaped his head after being beheaded.
Chameleotops ~~Chamaeleonidae revenge 2~ !
This is my last contribution (for the moment) to the group that had to be expanded, from the Xenocene group.

I made the gigameleon a month ago, but then i realised there was already a group of large chameleon descendant, the chameleotops of Terraraptor, my gigameleon is in fact a close relative of that family.
The chameleotops live in Madagascar, they are big horned chameleon.

The protochameleotops has a primitive shape but has an impressive size for a chameleotops without hoof. It's a mountain chameleotops.
The pachyleotops is a large chameleotops with pillar legs, he weights almost 1 ton.
The chonochaetops is a wildebeest like chameleotops, he can run very fast.
They are both from plains.

They all display some weird color to attract female, the primitive chameleotops has colors under the neck, and the more specialized ones have colors on their tails.
Giganoduck ~Duck revenge~
Here is another contribution to the groups that had to be expanded on Xenocene.

Gigaducks are a creation of my friend InkGink, and plenty of artists of the Xenocene group created gigaducks, a group of large carnivors descendants of the duck.
The Giganoduck is one, if not, the largest gigaduck, with an enormous beak, he feeds on every animals stupid enough to come around.
His closest relative is the Giant island gigaduck of AlphaX9 !

Scientific name: Giganoduck
Height: 3m
Weight: 3 tons
Habitat: grasslands and shrublands
Native region: North America
Evolved from: duck
Lifespan: 70 years
Bipedal meerkat croc !
So, some groups of the xenocene had to be expanded, so here is my contribution to the bipedal crocs ! They live in southern Asia, and are little omnivorous animals mesuring 2 feet. They live in large groups of hundreds of individuals.


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