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Casuaridae sexual dimophism ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 16 2 Hyaena from Europe ! Crocuta Arctis. :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 31 14 Bipedal Elephant ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 23 22 The Batoidea revenge, the new Megafauna ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 21 17 Giant Penguin from Antarctica ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 35 10 The gazelle revenge ~ Gazella Giga ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 8 3 The deep diving walrus. :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 6 6 Parahippodeinus, the brachiosaur-like hippodeinus! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 21 10 Hyaena apex predator ! Crocuta Maximus. :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 21 25 Concavenator attacking acantophilis ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 6 0 Flying vampire ray ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 7 3 Therizinosaurus descendant ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 4 5 Dog Demon ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 1 0 Mustelidae Revenge, the new Megafauna ! :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 47 12 [One Piece] Randolph 'Crane Rider', Big Mom Pirate :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 4 0 The mammoth goat ! ~ The farm animal invasion ~. :iconkamarodu21:kamarodu21 21 12


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Casuaridae sexual dimophism !
This specie of Casuaridae is a Neocasuarius Insanisolophus, wich means "crazy crest", it lives 10 million years after humans.
The male can be 2 time larger than the female and it has a very extravagant appearance to attract females.
It's my submission for the March contest on spec-evo club.
Hyaena from Europe ! Crocuta Arctis.
30 million years after the disappearance of the human beings, during the Pre-Xenocene, hyenas reached the top of the food chain. 
Indeed, they survived the apocalypse by feeding on human corpses.
Crocuta Arctis is the european cousin of the Crocuta Maximus, a little smaller than its cousin this Hyena is very well adapted to the
 snowy forests of the Taiga of the pre-Xenocene, no predator could compete with this enormous hyena weighing more than 750kg.
This Lynuxia, a descendant of the lynx get rip by the hyena after invading its territory.
Bipedal Elephant !
Well it's a weird speculation wich came in my mind. 
If the coast of africah were invade by elephants, how would they feed with the high palm trees, their foliages would be to high for their trunks.
Loxodontalia bipedus is the descendant of african elephants (Loxodonta africana) it uses its very long trunk to reach high leaves, its skull is very large compared to Loxondonta africana, it developped a large tail to be able to stand up and long claws to catch tree trunk.
The Batoidea revenge, the new Megafauna !
We are 200 million years A.D. the rays are among the most diversified vertebrates and they conquered every living environments ! And by "every" i mean really each viable living environment  for species of that size. Here are some of the largest rays.

1. Pteravampirus is a genus of flying vampire ray, but it's probably the largest of all, with a wingspan of 1m50 (5 feet) it can kill large animals by sucking their blood through the teeth under their wings. They live in the cold forest of EurAsia.

2. Pteralictis is another flying ray, but it's not a relative of Pteravampirus, less aggresive than the vampire rays it's still a predator and it uses its long tongue to eat insect such as ants.

3. We go back in the sea with Rynchobatelus, the descendant of the rajiformes, it has a long spike on the head and 2 smaller mandible-like limbs able to crush shells. They are 6m long (20 feet).

4. Balaenomimus, is a whale-like ray with baleen plates, these one is only 5m long but the largest Balaenomimus can reach up to 20m (65 feet), those huge behemots migrate among the ocean of the Post-Xenocene.

5. Myliobatimimus seems familiar, it's the descendant of the myliobatiformes and didn't evolve that much.

6. Pristidus is the great white shark of the ocean, 200 million years in the future, unlike his ancestor the sawfish, it use its saw to rip the flesh off  its victims and devour them. An old Pristidus would be 8m (26ft) long.

7. Batoiserpentes is a weird animal, all the snake-like rays come from the same ancestors than flying rays, they developed lungs to be able to live on the ground. They have a long poisonous spike on their tail to catch preys.

8. Pristiboa is not a descendant of the sawfish but developed a saw by an evolutionary convergence, they are able to rush into the ground to dig up small animals.
Giant Penguin from Antarctica !
It's 20 million years A.D. the emperor penguin has continued its specialisation as a semi-aquatical predator and became huge, here is its descendant the Postaptenodytes rex is the apex predator of the coast of Antarctica, it can not stand anymore so it move by sliding on land, but in water it can reach high speed of 45 km/h to catch preys. 
They don't live anymore in a group of thousand individuals, a pack of Postaptenodytes does not exceed 50 members, wich is still pretty huge for a predator of its size.
As walruses, males use their beak to fight, which leaves deep scars on their throat.

This is my contribution to the winter contest of  Spec-Evo-Club  launched by InkGink ! 


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